We would like to introduce ourselves as an industry specialized in the manufacture of natural & biodegradable liquid detergents and environment friendly disinfectants for the past 18 years. Today we are an innovation driven company with effective technology & a sincere unmatched passion towards customer care.

All our products are of consistent high quality, carefully formulated with our customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Cleaning and maintenance is essential for every commercial and institutional organization. Whether it’s a hospital, factory, etc proper maintenance function is a critical aspect to be sought after .And this is where SUPERB KLEANING PRODUCT, a company that is engaged in the manufacture of solutions for the cleaning quests for the past 18 years, comes into the picture. Today, we are a CUSTOMER -oriented company with cost effective kleaning solutions.

All our products are high on quality & carefully formulated with customers satisfaction being our topmost priority. We about us pagemanufacture a wide range of products, which covers the following : Superkleen: 3-IN ONE Klean Flo, Superkleen: T.C.-19, Superkleen: Moisturizing Hand Wash Soap, Superkleen: Multi Clean liquid soap, Superkleen: De-Scaler, Superkleen: Carpetkleen Shampoo, Superkleen: GlassKleen, Superkleen: Liquid detergent, Superkleen:L iquid Air Freshner, Superkleen: Grill Cleaner.